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Las Vegas & Blazin’ Canyons

Tervetuloa hämmästyttävään 8 päivän kiertueelle Nevadan, Arizonan ja Utahin kauniisiin laaksoihin ja kansallispuistoihin. Vierailemme Grand Canyonissa, Bryce Canyonissa, Monument Valley, Mexican Hat, Moab, Arches kansallispuistossa, Zionissa ja Red Rock Canyonissa.

Matkalla ajamme mielenkiintoisilla teillä, kuten Escalante-portaat, Veterans Memorial Hwy (Hwy95) ja Oatman Highway. Tämä kiertue on myös täynnä hauskoja nähtävyyksiä, kuten Las Vegas, Cowboy-kaupunki Williams ja historialliset Route 66 -kaupungit (Oatman Kingman – Hackberry – Seligman). Tämä on täydellinen viikon loma!

LÄHTÖAIKA SUOMESTA  Saavu vähintään kaksi tuntia ennen lentoa. 
MP tai autojen vuokraus Lentoliput päälentokentältä
MP polttoaine ja öljy Monikielinen Matkanjohtaja
Seuraaja-auto Pääsylippu kansallispuistoihin
Matkakirja reitin kuvauksella Kuljetus vuokraamolle
Hotelli/motelli +2/3 tähteä Kypärän vuokraus
Kuvia kiertueelta T-paita ja buff
Loss Damage Waiver MC State minimum SLI insurance
Valinnaiset nähtävyydet
Ruokaa ja juomia
Vakuutusten päivitykset
Kaikki mitä ei ole mainittu yllä olevassa “Sisältyy” -kohdassa

“Me JoyRidesissa uskomme, että hyvät kokemukset ja sosiaalinen yhteisö ovat ainakin yhtä tärkeitä kuin ajaminen. Tavoitteenamme on täyttää matkalaukkua mahdollisimman monilla positiivisilla muistoilla, jotta matkustajat matkusta kotiin isolla hymyllä. Ja ystävien kanssa, joita sinulla ei ollut ennen lähtöä.”


Day 1: Departure - Arrival Las Vegas, Nevada

When all tour participants have arrived, we meet for a welcome greeting and refreshment, with introductions. The evening’s program is getting to know each other and we eat dinner together in true American style. Those who are not tired after the long journey may go to a local bar nearby.

Day 2: Las Vegas - Williams

(Driving day 1: 451 km/284 miles)

We start the day with an information meeting, where we cover information about your tour on the West Coast Tour & your stay in Seattle. We also cover practical information and preparations regarding mc and car rental checkout. Afterward, we drive to Explorify MC Rentals to pick up our bikes.

When everyone is ready on their bikes, we start our ride on the 1.254 miles / 2.150 km long Las Vegas & Blazing Canyons tour. This is the first day of desert driving and very hot conditions and with wonderful scenery. We start the day by driving “the strip” and taking a group photo at the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Thereafter, we head towards Oatman, an old village in western Mohave (county), which was established by two gold diggers in 1915. Remember to lock your bikes in Oatman and watch out for donkeys & outlaws in the streets.

Having absorbed Oatman, we cruise on to Kingman and Hackberry. The roads from Oatman to Kingman has lots of narrow curvy roads at different height levels, with mountain and desert landscapes. Ideal for filming, perhaps the best opportunity on the tour. We stop at a small traditional Route 66 gas station in Hackberry, full of history like taken out of an old movie. We enjoy a Coke in the shade, before driving on to Seligman and Williams, where we stay overnight.


Day 3: Williams - Tuba City

(Driving day 2: 222 km/138 miles)

This is the tour’s highlight for many. Welcome to the Grand Canyon!  Today will be a spectacular ride to Tuba City. We drive to the Grand Canyon helicopter base. Those who have ordered the helicopter tour will get an experience of a lifetime, truly something you will never forget. To hover in the air over one of the seven wonders and experience this natural phenomenon up close is absolutely magical. Highly recommend!

After the helicopter tour, we ride a short trip to the visitor center, where we see the world’s most-watched Imax movie. When you see the film, it feels almost like standing inside the Grand Canyon. We also eat lunch here. Then, we drive into the Grand Canyon and spend the rest of the day here. Finally, we set course towards another very famous natural phenomenon; Monument Valley, but first, make an overnight stop in Tuba City.


Day 4: Tuba City - Moab

(Driving day 3: 420 km/262  miles)

We start the day by driving to Monument Valley, one of the world’s most photographed natural phenomena. Monument Valley cannot be described in words; it must be experienced. Up close, we experience the classic Wild West landscape of sandstone rock formations. Everything has a reddish shade and is beautiful to look at. It is only when you are in Monument Valley that you will understand how much this area has influenced your perspective on the wild west. These natural surroundings are also other places, but not as perfect as exhibited here. When we ride amongst these majestic rock formations, we are in the middle of the Navajo Indians’ area, so you just must get the spiritual mood up.

We continue to Mexican Hat, another natural phenomenon. Is it a sombrero or stone formation?  Then we head north to Moab, which is located at the entrance of the Arches National Park. This will be a driving distance you never will forget. We spend the evening in Moab’s spectacular surroundings


Day 5: Moab - Hanksville

(Driving day 4: 283 km/176 miles)

This will be another tour highlight! We start the day by exploring Moab, Arches National Park (unforgettable rock formations that will take your breath away). Having absorbed Arches National Park, we drive the great Colorado River Run out from the park towards Red Cliffs Lodge, famous for great lunches. Afterward, we head towards Hanksville.


Day 6: Hanksville - Kanab

(Driving day 5: 379  km/235 miles)

We continue our amazing and spectacular drive through Utah. The national parks come like beads on a string; Goblin Canyon, Capitol Reef, Thousand Lake, and Otter Creek State Park. Best of all is our ride up and down the elevations of the Escalante staircase. We believe you will have a problem stopping smiling.

One of the tour highlights is the magic of Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyons rock formations are difficult to describe, an experience on par with the Grand Canyon. Enjoy! We continue through Dixie National Forest to another great National Park, Zion.


Day 7: Kanab - Las Vegas

(Driving day 6: 386 km/241 miles)

Get ready for another amazing day! We start by driving through spectacular Zion. Besides seeing some of the world’s finest rock formations, the roads are particularly curvy here – “the switchbacks of Zion”! Compared to Grand Canyon, Zion radiates a more aesthetic appreciation of nature.

When we come out of Zion, it’s straight ahead to the neon-lit gambling oasis Las Vegas. We park the bikes and spend the rest of the day exploring this exciting city. This evening you can explore the famous “Sin City” on your own. Enjoy! You are in one of the most fun cities in the world.

Las Vegas has it all, amazing architecture, unique shows, casinos and all kinds of entertainment. Vegas is never boring! Most attractions are within walking distance. We highly recommend taking a trip to Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio, MGM, Stardust, Treasure Island, The Venetian, Mirage, Wyatt and The Fashion Show Mall (over 200 stores). At the Mirage you will be able to enjoy the evening volcanic eruptions every 30 minutes, turning the garden into a flame show. Inside the casino are rare white tigers. The water show outside the Bellagio is also a memory for life.


Day 8: Las Vegas & Home Travel

We say goodbye to the Vegas & Blazing Canyons tour and Las Vegas and return home. Thanks for a great ride, good times and sincerely thank you for choosing to tour with Explorify. We wish you a safe trip home and hope to see you again on one of our other tours in the US, South America, Asia, Oceania or Europe.

Note: Because of the time difference travelers from Europe will arrive home the date/day after departing the US.

Also: This program is a guideline for activities and experiences on the tour. Deviations may occur, but we guarantee that our positive tour leaders will do their utmost to execute the program as described – as far as it is feasible and circumstances allow. We are continually working to improve the program, thus you may experience positive surprises.

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